Xtreme WiFi: A Breakthrough Technology for Bird Watching

In recent years, bird watching has rapidly developed into a household activity appreciated by all ages. It is a low-cost hobby that doesn’t take much to get started except a positive mindset. And with the infusion of new technology into bird watching, i.e. the invention of bird box camera, people now have a brand new perspective of nesting birds that are usually invisible to human eyes. Bird box cameras come in various forms, wired or wireless, but a bird box camera built with wireless connectivity is truly a game-changing breakthrough for remote wildlife observation.

Compared with hardwired cameras, the volume of cabling in a wireless bird box camera is dramatically reduced. The camera itself can be installed basically anywhere as long as it’s within WiFi coverage. Moreover, the wireless bird box camera also supports live streaming on smartphones, tablets and PCs for real-time bird watching. But the main problem of using a WiFi camera is the unstable network performance on the installation site, especially when the camera is installed in remote places where there is no network infrastructure present, such as natural habitats and parks. To tackle this problem, we’ve explored a unique technology called Xtreme WiFi to facilitate bird box camera setups in remote areas or places with poor network performance.

Xtreme WiFi in Bird Watching System

Normally, WiFi signals are highly subject to distance and may get hindered by the physical obstructions they pass through. The home router only supports a maximum transmission range of 150ft, so a signal repeater is normally required to strengthen or extend WiFi signals at greater distances to gain a better view. But Green Backyard has launched a series of long-distance bird box cameras using the unprecedented Xtreme WiFi technology to set up the camera in remote places without adding any WiFi signal boosters.

An ordinary wireless camera can easily be compromised by bandwidth fluctuation and signal degradation as the distance increases. Some signals will vanish in the air while others may bounce off the wall, vegetation or other physical obstructions. Incorporated with the Xtreme WiFi technology, our long-range bird box cameras show excellent wall-penetrating network ability to foster smooth live streaming on mobiles, TVs and PCs without severe attenuation and frame drop. It supports ultra-long-range wireless transmission of up to 800 meters between the bird box camera (built-in transmitter) and the stand-alone receiver (PoE-enabled) in the direct line of sight, which gives you an increased amount of flexibility on positioning.

Long-Range Bird Box Camera Leveraging the Benefits of Bird Watching

• Stable WiFi connection at remote distances

The long-range bird box camera could be considered as a greatly advanced wireless bird box camera but with an unparallel network capacity, allowing you to enjoy remote bird watching or wildlife observation on your smartphones or tablets. With the long-range bird box camera, you can place your bird box camera at any desired places (natural habitats, forests, parks, etc.) as long as within the transmission range, provided that the Xtreme WiFi shows great resistance to physical obstructions and provides better propagation of RF signals. It can pass through objects like foliage, buildings and animals more readily. And it will encounter less interference along the transmission.

• Supports Various Power Solutions

Additionally, our long-range bird box camera gives you various options for power solutions. The camera itself can receive mains power by running a power cord from the nearest AC outlet. It also supports wire-free setups if there is no existing electrical infrastructure in the installation site by working together with a motorcycle battery or a solar panel. The receiver can also be powered by the mains power through a DC12V waterproof power adapter or PoE (Power over Ethernet) with a PoE injector to transmit both power and data to the receiver via the same network cabling. And in this way, the receiver can be placed near the window so as to reduce the possible physical obstructions along the transmission and obtain better WiFi.

To incorporate the Xtreme WiFi technology into bird watching, Green Backyard has launched a collection of long-range bird box cameras to allow you to watch nesting birds and other garden creatures like squirrels and hedgehogs on smartphones, tablets, PCs and even on TVs.

Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Bird Box Camera

This one-of-the-kind long-range IP bird box camera (IP66-rated) gives you a fantastic way to pay tribute to your loved one’s passion for bird watching. It supports wireless transmission of up to 800 meters. You can watch real-time/recorded videos (3MP) on your mobiles or PC. This long-range IP bird box camera is equipped with a 2.5mm wide-angle, adjustable lens to give you the best possible view inside the birdhouse. Invisible night vision (infrared LEDs) guarantees 24/7 recording even in complete darkness. Motion detection with instant message alerts is available at every trigger event.

3MP Wireless TV Bird Box Camera

This 3MP wireless TV bird box camera is a truly state-of-the-art long-range device that meets the highest quality standards with a plug-and-play setup. Housed in a watertight enclosure, it can be placed outdoors without any risk of water ingress. This TV bird box camera supports a transmission range of 300m in a direct line of sight. Using the included HDMI converter, you can directly stream the live feeds to TV or any compatible HDMI monitors. This wireless TV bird box camera stores the footage on a hard drive disk (not included) or a DVR. This camera is equipped with infrared LEDs to generate crisp B&W images at night.