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Battery Powered WiFi bird box camera Setup – Battery

The WiFi bird box camera can be connected to any 2.4Ghz WiFi network to stream the video online. It is convenient to set up the Wi-Fi bird box camera. However, the camera still requires power. One of the solutions is to use the DC12V extension cable. The AC outlet doesn’t have to be present next to the birdhouse. 3 units of waterproof extension cable can be chained up to have 30 meters if the camera will be placed a little bit far away. One end of the cable needs to be connected to the power adaptor. The longer the extension cable, the higher the possibility the system may pick up the surge. So at the end, the surge protector may be required at the edge camera. Can we power up the camera with a battery to save all these troubles? Yes, we will look into the details about the battery in the passages below.

The Wi-Fi bird box camera accepts DC12V input. The DC5V power bank can’t power up the camera and the DC5V power bank is also not suitable to power up the camera. We will elaborate on this later. The WiFi bird box camera is built based on the technology from IP surveillance which is designed to work 24/7. Unless you dis-connect the power, the camera will keep working and consume the power on the battery. First thing we need to know is how long a battery can keep the camera running before we have to re-charge it. The average current consumption is 135mA. The power is about 38.88 WH (0.135A*12V*24H). Let’s say you got 20AH DC12V sealed lead Acid battery which is the most common battery in the market. You can find this battery in the car. The full charge power is 240 WH (20AH*12V). The dis-charge is 70%. The actual power becomes 168WH (240*0.7). Now we can estimate how long this battery can supply = 4.3 days (168/38.88WH). If you want to double up the time, pick the 40AH battery as long as you think it is not too heavy to carry while you re-charge it. Let’s look back why the DC5V power bank is not suitable for bird box cameras. The power is just too less, you may need to re-charge the battery almost every day.

There is one more thing about batteries, no matter if you have the sealed lead acid or Lithium-Ion, the output is not always DC12V. While the sealed lead acid is full charge, the output becomes DC13.8V. It will drop down to DC11V before you need to re-charge it. The Wi-Fi bird box camera should handle the wide voltage input. The voltage regulation is being considered in the Green-Backyard Wi-Fi bird box camera. It can handle the 13.8V battery input power.

The battery power solution makes the WiFi bird box camera be wire-free. Still you will need to recharge the battery periodically. To set up a complete wire free and no maintenance required bird watching system, you will have to add the solar panel to the bird box camera system.

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Bird Box Camera – Watching Hedgehog on Mobile Phone

Hedgehogs are truly one of the most adorable mammals ever. As studies show, hedgehogs intend to live in dry spaces. If you own a hedgehog house in your garden, it may attract the hedgehog to move in and work use it as a food storage space. If you are just looking for any way to observe the hedgehog and explore their activities, you are not out of luck, you can use bird box cameras to do so. We can look into some features for picking up suitable cameras for hedgehog houses.

Tiny IP Camera

To watch the hedgehog house on a mobile phone, you should know that the video has to be digitized. Both the Green backyard Wi-Fi or PoE IP bird box camera has a tiny camera built in based on IP technology. You can access the camera at home or anywhre you are with your mobile phone, tablet or PC to receive the live video. There is no extra add-ons required. Technically the Wi-Fi bird box camera is a type of compact computer equipped with a video sensor to capture video. Choosing a suitable camera for your hedgehog house, the size should be small to fit into. The compact bird box camera is definitely able to be installed inside, because the majority of bird boxes are usually smaller than the common hedgehog houses.

Adjustable lens

The camera’s lens should be adjustable. While the camera is shooting closely, the focus becomes very sensitive. It is easy to test this optical feature with a camera on our mobile phone. When you change the shooting distance a little bit, the focus will switch, and the image gets blurry. Therefore, you will need to adjust the lens to re-focus. That is one of the essential factors to a bird box camera. There is no way to have a focus to perfectly match different depths of different birdhouse designs.

WiFi vs Wire bird box camera

The camera has to be hooked up to home network for remote viewing of the hedgehog. Whether to choose WiFi or wired bird box cameras depends on practical situation. As to the wired IP bird box camera, you are required to wire Ethernet cable to one of the network ports (RJ45) of your home router for both power and data. In this way, the power source doesn’t need to present next to the hedgehog box mounting point.

Certainly, for more convenient installation, you are opt to connect the Wi-Fi bird box camera to your home WiFi network as long as the Wi-Fi coverage is good enough. What if the camera mounting point is a little bit far away from your home, with the help of DC extension cable, the AC outlet doesn’t need to be present close to the hedgehog house as well. Moreover, the cables of these two kind of cameras can be buried underground as its outdoor grade design. There is one more option is battery power. Using the battery, you only need to re-charge the battery at 4 days around interval. It makes a truly wire-free camera system possible.

Audio pickup

Sometimes, the hedgehog will make noise that is very much like a loud pig’s squeal, which will deifnitly attract your curiosity, thus, the audio pickup function is required with the camera. The bird box camera has a built-in microphone to hear the true-to-life audio from the hedgehog. That means the camera enables you to watch the HD live video as well as the audio on your mobile devices.

Night Vision

Generally, it might be too dark to get a color image of the hedgehog inside the hedgehog house due to insufficient sunlight even at day. Without night vision, you are not going to receive any effective image or video. However, 12 units of invisible infrared LEDs built-in the birdhouse cameras can switch on at low light conditions and light up the whole bird box without spooking the hedgehog. You will see clear black and white images on the mobile phone after the infrared is turned ON.

Outdoor/Indoor bird box cameras

Most of the bird box cameras are not waterproof. It is better to install inside the hedgehog house, as long as you keep the camera out of rain it will work smoothly. While the outdoor bird box camera is only a little bigger in size than the indoor bird box camera. You may consider the dimension while you select the outdoor bird box camera to fit into your hedgehog house. 

Recording – sharing

Hedgehogs are loving mammals, you may want to share the video to your friend or family. If the camera has been connected to a network, others can view the camera with its ID after they install the app on their mobile phone. If you don’t want to share the camera directly, the micro SD card recording feature allows you to record the video on the micro SD card, you can download the recording files to the mobile phone and share on other social platforms.

Message Notification

Hedgehogs can travel 12 miles in one night in order to find food or water. You may have no idea when the hedgehog might enter. The camera’s notification will send you a message if there is any changes in the image. The camera will detect the change between two consequent frames and send out the alert message to the app. It can sense when something is entering the hedgehog house.