Bring You Closer to the Wildlife with IP Technology

HD Bird Box Cameras

Mini bird box cameras meet the curiosity about birds and enjoy real-time or playback funny activities on smartphones in 1080p video with audio, like birds feeding, egg laying, fledglings fighting, etc.

Bird Feeder Cameras

Different types of bird feeder cameras suit outdoor backyard birding perfectly. You can learn bird feeding from all directions by using our reliable camera system in a flexible installation choice.

Wildlife Cameras

Get close to various wildlife, such as hedgehogs, squirrels, bats, etc. Install our outdoor wildlife cameras to capture unexpected moments clearly and timely without concerning bad weather.

Bird Box Cameras with Battery Power

Waterproof Bird Box cameras can work with a DC 12V battery and set up a “leave it and forget it” bird-watching system at remote locations. Achieve great placement flexibility and diversity of application.

Watch Bird Box Cameras on TV

Our HDMI bird box cameras allow all ages users to do bird watching on TV only with a simple connection. Big screen monitors or mobile viewing is up to you. Get ultra simplicity and high performance.

Feature Product

How to Choose the Right Nest Box Camera

Installing a nest box camera is an excellent idea to explore the mysteries of birds and wildlife as they’re making nests in your garden. To help you develop a closer relationship with your garden wildlife, we have launched a collection of nest box cameras to offer you an amazing insight into their world from the comfort of your house. Most of our nest box cameras are waterproof to secure 24/7 operation all year round. But there are still a few things to think about when it comes to picking a nest box camera. Are you overwhelmed by all sorts of questions like “Should I choose a wireless camera? Does this bird box camera support live streaming on TV?”? No worries, my friend. Here, we have prepared some comparison charts to ensure you can find a nest box camera that is right for you.


How to Watch the Wi-Fi Bird Box Camera on Mac OS

The latest developed IP-based bird box camera can live stream the video from birdhouse to mobile devices. It is convenient to watch the birdhouse through mobile phone, tablet and PC computer.

Battery Powered WiFi bird box camera Setup – Solar Panel

With 20AH DC12V sealed lead Acid battery which is the most common battery, the WiFi bird box camera can continuously live stream and record up to 4 days before you have to recharge it.

The Bird Box Camera is Offline After Rain – The Best Practical Installation

Your Wi-Fi bird box camera may become offline after a storm in summer. The Wi-Fi bird box camera is built based on IP technology.

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