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Spring Breeding – Best Gifts That Give Back To Wildlife

Home sweet home – build or install a nest box/feeder this spring! Here’s a great activity you can try to encourage more wildlife into your garden all year round. Installing a nest box or feeder on your property provides an easy way to promote local wildlife conservation right in your backyard. It gives wildlife a safe place to raise young and fetch nourishment, protects them from bad weather and predators and gives you months of enjoyment watching these adorable creatures. While there are so many specialized types of nest boxes or feeders for specific species, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts that give back to wildlife.

The Clock’s Ticking. Get Yourself Prepared for Spring Breeding Now!

Browse our gift guide to find the best present for your eco-conscious, wildlife-loving friends and family members. And join wildlife conservation this year to save endangered species from extinction and pay your tribute to nature and garden wildlife.

Natural Cedar Birdhouse-Our Top Pick

Have you been noticing there’s an increase in birdsong recently? Attention, Birders – the breeding season is upon us! One of the best ways to celebrate the joyous return of migrating birds is to erect a birdhouse in your backyard to showcase your genuine appreciation for their comebacks. Providing shelters for birds is a great way to keep them safe during the breeding season and severe weather conditions. There are a variety of ready-to-go birdhouses available in the market, but if you want to build a birdhouse from scratch, you totally give it a go. Find out how to DIY a birdhouse here.

This birdhouse comes with a customizable entrance hole (a pre-installed 38mm cover plate and 3 more predator guards at diameters of 25/28/32mm), allowing you to attract different types of birds. And the removable rooftop and front panel also provide easy access for regular clean-outs. The side window is covered with a removable, translucent panel to provide enough illumination in the birdhouse while keeping rain and snow out. The mesh floor and four ventilators at the bottom greatly maximizes air circulation and water drainage to ensure maximum sanitation and prevent insect infestation. It also comes with various bird-friendly features like the grooved front wall to help fledglings climb out of the birdhouse.

Cedar Bird Feeder-20% OFF NOW!!

Bird feeders are always a great refueling station during the migration and breeding season. Bird feeding is one of the most intimate and direct interactions one can have with nature, a global activity simultaneously practiced by millions and millions of people. At the same time, as a mutually beneficial activity, bird feeding dramatically increases the survival rate of wild birds in extreme weather conditions and helps boost the psychological, physical and spiritual well-being of humans. Bird feeders are great spots for birds to meet and mate, and they’ll have easier access to food during the breeding season. Now, you can enjoy 20% OFF on the cedar bird feeder by using the coupon code Spring2022 (across February).

This chalet-style bird feeder is made of high-quality cedarwood, naturally waterproof and resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation. The hollow-carved design and large capacity make it extremely easy to refill and clean. The metal hanging chain also guarantees easy installation and repositioning in the outdoor environment. The bird feeder can hold at least 5 pounds of mixed seeds, reducing the frequency of refilling. Moreover, this cedar bird feeder is specially designed to work with our Mini WiFi Bird Feeder Camera with a perfectly lined-up cut-out where you can install the bird camera directly on the feeder. And beyond all hesitations, it’s a beautiful addition to any birder’s garden.

Cedar Bat Box-Summer Roosting Site

Installing a bat box in the garden provides our friendly pollinators with a comfortable shelter and helps you get rid of the annoying bugs and mosquitoes. The bat house should be mounted in the spring or early summer. In the spring, bats will return from hibernation to the roosting sites, so it’s highly recommended to get your bat boxes ready for their arrivals. The earlier in the season you mount your bat house, the more likely bats will be to find your bat house and settle there since it sometimes takes a few years for bats to find your bat box.

Handcrafted from high-quality cedarwood, this bat box is naturally weatherproof, resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation. It is a three-chambered bat box with a grooved interior and external perches, making it easier for bats to land and roost. The dimensions are 230 x 114 x 397mm to accommodate 40 to 50 bats. The black rooftop maximizes heat absorption since bats are attracted to a dark-colored shelter with great thermal control. And the narrow interior dimensions are also helpful for heat retention. The cedar bat box is shipped pre-assembled, ready for installation. The air vent on the frontal panel and the hollow bottom help facilitate ventilation and create a dry and comfortable living space for the bats. At the bottom, there is a small window (covered with a plastic panel) where you observe the interiors of the bat house or install a wildlife camera for 24/7 monitoring.

Cedar Squirrel Feeder-Top-quality Product

One of the practical benefits of installing a squirrel feeder in your backyard is that squirrels are perfect seed dispersers and pollen carriers. Squirrels are non-aggressive creatures, but just face it, they never are a pushover. These naughty creatures can really get on your nerve by destroying your fruit and vegetable gardens. Therefore, installing a squirrel feeder is not only a humane option for pest control but also a good way to turn these troublemakers into your friends. Well, it’s time to feed these peckish passers-by with nuts and seeds.

Made from sustainable and responsibly sourced cedarwood (1cm thick), this cedar squirrel feeder is a lovely garden decoration and feeds your furry friends at the same time. This feeder can last a long time, and it’s very lightweight and durable. The top is an easy-lift cover that you can use to refill the container with nuts or seeds, and there is even a plastic window with a curved opening on the front for your fluffy-tailed friends to access the peanuts more easily. This squirrel feeder is pre-assembled. Installation can be completed within 5 minutes.

We genuinely hope this curated shopping list will inspire you in the coming breeding season. What’s more, we have a good selection of nest box cameras to deliver 24/7 live streaming on your mobiles and PCs, allowing you to develop a closer relationship with the wildlife in your backyard and get a better understanding of their living habits and personalities.

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