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How to Build a Birdhouse for Bird box Cameras

Are you looking to build a birdhouse for your bird cameras? If so, you’re at the right place. Building and putting up nest boxes can help to improve bird populations. Building a birdhouse by yourself allows you to make a custom birdhouse that is much inline with your needs, you can design the style that you like, meanwhile this is training your practical ability, especially for students. Then how to build a birdhouse for bird cameras by yourself?

If this is your first time, there are several things you should know before you dive head first into the world of building a birdhouse for bird cameras by yourself. Building a birdhouse for bird camera is not so easy as you think, you need to construct the birdhouse in a proper way with some special designs so that you can mount you bird camera conveniently and protect it well from water in order to get clear video of birds inside your birdhouse. In the following I will share some tips for building a suitable birdhouse that is perfect for mounting a bird camera.

Now let’s check out these tips below:

1. Get ready of all the tools you needs.

Building a birdhouse for bird box camera you may need thick sturdy wood, durable nails, hammer, screws, screwdriver, a speed square, tape measure, saw(a miter saw is perfect), hole saw bits and a drill of good quality. All the tools are easily available on the market.

2. Wood material is essential for usage life of birdhouse and safety of birds.

Untreated natural wood (cedar, pine, cypress or redwood) is the best materials for resisting weather and insects. Although there are other types of woods can build birdhouses, such as treated wood and plywood, which are not supposed to use as the bird may get hurt. Besides, don’t choose metal as the birdhouse material, because it doesn’t belong to heat insulation material, resulting overheated living environment.

3. Deal with the wire cable out issue.

No matter WiFi/Wired bird box camera both need to run a power cable to gain power supply. Therefore you should know how to route the cable out of the bird box. You can choose to make a notch on the top of the side panel where is attached to the roof. Moreover, you’d better construct the notch at a low point, because if the cable on the high point, the water will be more easily flow along with the wire cable, which may result in short circuit to your camera.

4. The roof is supposed to be a hinged roof.

A hinged roof provides more flexibility in mounting a bird box camera. If you make the roof integrate with the body or nail the roof tightly with nails, the bird box camera will fail to be installed in the birdhouse conveniently. As we know, the lens of the camera needs to be adjusted in an optimal focus, and this process is not accomplished at one stroke. You probably need to test several times, or the birds touch the camera lens accidentally. In this scenario, if you design the roof removably in advance, you won’t be freak out by opening the roof repeatedly. Proven you’re worried about the water issue, you can use 3M glue to seal the gap between the roof and the sides. The roof you make have to large enough to cover the main body of the birdhouse, only in this way the water can’t be flow along with the notch easily.

5. Find the best attached point for mounting bird camera.

The attached point is critical. If you pay less attention on it, the camera inside the birdhouse may suffer short circuit due to water seepage through the mounting point. And the location makes some influence on the quality of camera recording. Drill a hole on the inner wall of the roof is the recommended method, which effectively avoid water seepage issue without taking the limited living space from birds.

6. Sufficient sunlight guarantee better recording of the bird box camera.

Actually, so to speak, birdhouse is almost enclosed space, dim lighting is the key factor affecting recording birds activities. Therefore, you need to build a sunlight hole in order to get enough sunlight to light up the inside birdhouse, so that you can record the details clearly, gaining more enjoyment when watching. The sunlight hole design should pay more heart to ensure safety for birds and camera. Make the sunhole a little slanted to protect birdhouse inside from rain. Furthermore, cover a frosted acrylic plate to reduce the direct sunlight harm.

7. Attracting birds to nest inside your birdhouse is the base to watch bird successfully.

Before you build the birdhouse, you should figure out what type of birds live around the habitats where you’re living. You can learn some knowledge about bird habitats online, which determines the entrance hole size. Differents bird species require different dimension. When you finish drill suitable entrance hole, jagged edges will be generated that is dangerous to birds. While you can use a grit sandpaper to soften the edges until they can be touch smoothly.

8. After attracting birds to nest inside your birdhouse, then make efforts to keep the birds nest for long.

Birds are apt to nest in comfortable and safe birdhouses. Various bird-friendly designs do help, such as removable front panel for easy cleaning, drainage and ventilation holes for birds health, grooved interior wall for the fledglings climb out to prevent die inside the birdhouse, no perch for predator to stay etc. All these design can provide better living environment and experience for birds. In addition, decide a right place to place your birdhouse is also matter whether the birdhouse is attractive.

9. Find a mini bird box camera that suits for your custom birdhouse.

The size of birdhouse is compact commonly. Therefore, purchase one can fit into majority of birdhouse. What’s more, when you choosing bird box camera, you’d better buy one features HD 1080p video, night vision, mobile devices watching, adjustable wide-angle lens, motion detection notification push message, etc. These features may help you gain better bird watching experience.

The above information is the practical tips I want to share. If you intend to build a birdhouse for bird box cameras, you are able to start now. Or if you think the DIY of birdhouse is quite complicated, luckily, our Green backyard can offer you the ideal birdhouse for mounting bird box camera. Advanced bird box cameras are available too.

Waiting for your to contact.

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