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Set up a Bat Box for Wildlife Viewing

Some people may be afraid of bats and cannot accept them because they think all bats suffer from rabies. Some people actively set up bat boxes for shelters such as bats because of its various benefits to humans. Some even install cameras to view the bat box and understand the habits of bats. This article will mainly explain to nature lovers what a bat box is and why to use a bat box, as well as some tips on how to set up a bat box.

Like humans, bats are mammals. One-quarter of all mammalian species are bats, but we know even less about them than many other types of mammals. Bats are the only flying mammals in the world. There are still many unsolved mysteries. The first step is to install a bat box in your garden.

Different kinds of bats live in many types of houses, such as hollow trees or caves. If you want to attract bats to your yard, most people will turn to the bat box for help. Bat boxes, also known as bat houses, are used to provide safe and comfortable shelters for bats.

Hanging the bat box in the yard has many advantages. For example, you may also have heard the common phrase “blind bat.” In fact, the bat’s sight line is very good. In fact, bats can hear, smell and smell like humans. They seem to be natural enemies of mosquitoes or other insects. This means you will get rid of the frustration and harm caused by annoying creatures.

In addition, setting up a bat box can provide nature lovers with an opportunity to have close contact with bats, giving them the opportunity to admire bats and watch them in the background. Believe me, when you take the time and enthusiasm to participate in this event, you may be surprisingly exploring.

Due to the different sizes of bats, there are a variety of bat boxes on the market to choose from. They are also different in material, function and design. Before buying, you should specify what type of bats and how many bats you want to hold. This step is very meaningful when determining the required bat box size. Generally, the number of rooms equipped with a bat box depends on the number of bats it can hold. Two bedrooms are sufficient for most requirements.

In addition, the wooden bat box is environmentally friendly. Cedar wood bat box is particularly recommended, because cedar wood has anti-fungal and insect resistance and can extend its service life.

As we all know, beasts like to live in a dark environment, which can indicate that they work in a dark night. Therefore, you need to choose a bat box that can provide dark living conditions for bats. Otherwise, even if you put the bat box in a suitable location, you will find that there are no visitors even in the bat box. And a bat box is needed near the water source.

Placement of the bat box is also an important part of a successful installation. Here are some tips for hanging a bat box. The bat house should be located at least 15 feet above the ground. Keep in a warm (sunny place) and dark place.

In addition, a practical and useful bat box should be made in a rough interior so that the bat can be hung in it.All above are the basic knowledes of the bats and bat boxes, if you have interest in viewing wildlife, you are capable of setting up a night vision camera to monitor the bats inside the bat boxes with 24/7 clear image under dark condition.

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